Surface acoustic wave quasi-Bessel beams generated by symmetrically tilted interdigital transducers

Bülent Uluğ, Furkan Kuruoğlu,Yeşim Yalçın, Ayşe Erol, Fahrettin Sarcan, Ali Şahin and Ahmet Çicek

J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 55 (2022) 225303 (6pp)

Published 7 March 2022

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Fabrication of CdS nanospheres‑based hybrid solar cells having increased efficiency

S. Yılmaz, A. Ünverdi, M. Tomakin, İ. Polat, E. Bacaksız

Applied Physics A (2022) 128:183

Published 8 Fubruary 2022

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Effects of annealing temperature on a ZnO thin film-based ultraviolet photodetector

Ümit Doğan, Fahrettin Sarcan, Karamuran Kara Koç, Furkan Kuruoğlu and Ayşe Erol.

Physica Scripta, 97 015803 (2022)

Published 10 Jun 2022

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